Horde is a wacky 3D Top-down isometric strategy game being developed for PC & Mobile. It is currently under development by graduates of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, working at the Games Plus facility in Adelaide.


Horde is in a pre-alpha stage and will be subject to changes.

In Horde the standard zombie apocalypse roles are reversed! Players are put in the shoes of the ever growing zombie menace attempting to overthrow humanity. 

Infect and kill humans to add them to your Horde until you are strong enough to damage infrastructures and overwhelm heavily defended safe zones.


Alone, a zombie is no threat, but as a Horde they are unstoppable!

Core Features

The Horde – A devastating force!

Alone a zombie is no threat, but as a Horde they are unstoppable! Any humans silly enough to cross this foe will soon be eaten and forced to join the Horde adding to its strength and size! 


Abnormals – Uniquely odd zombies that can be added to your Horde.

Each Abnormal has a passive and active ability that can be used to benefit your Horde in various ways. 

Living cities – Managed by governments using infrastructures to sustain them.

Power plants & reservoirs keep cities running. Play smart with your Horde's movements and wipe these out first to leave humanity weakened and unprepared for your apocalyptic invasion!

Chaos - The more stuff you break the more chaos you raise!

The more chaos you gain the stronger and faster your zombies will become! but be sure not to cause too much chaos while your Horde is only small or risk raising the attention of powerful authorities.

Authority Radar - A few zombies are less likely to beat a tank than a few hundred!

So try not to cause too much chaos and draw attention to your Horde until its large enough to handle waves of law enforcement or risk being wiped out!

Survivors - Experienced and deadly warriors of the zombie apocalypse.

Adapting to the zombie threat, these survivors are no strangers to combat and will not be turned easily!

Horde is set to release in late 2018